lapu-lapu the critic

•November 13, 2007 • 2 Comments


     lapu-lapu the critic suddenly stumbles upon something that seems to be the house of bonjing.



•November 12, 2007 • 2 Comments


     what’s way cooler than a britney barbie doll collective? well, a figure that has a re-sculpted legs, crotch, eyes, breasts and arms,  a custom gun sculpt, custom made jewelry, hand sewn swimsuit,  and a killer airbrush paint-job. introducing Darlene! from the highly influential underground comic artist, Vaughn Bode comes this action figure which is actually a scale model of Ice-T’s ex-wife! how cool is that. not pretty sure if its available here in the ph but be sure to take a peek at mall outlets when you go out. who knows, ive seen shops with stiffkas, crittaz and floating bear thingies in it. 

dumb of the day

•November 6, 2007 • Leave a Comment


     Its been a while. i havnt blogged for like 3 civil wars have passed already. i’ll try to get my stuff and thougths together. still on a holiday hang over. ciao!

marvin gay bird

•September 27, 2007 • Leave a Comment


      its been a while.. ive been very busy working on my projects lately. i missed blogging. i missed the blood flowing out of my scalp trying to get my english grammar flowing. haha. anyway,  my brother bought a couple of speakers from a friend days ago, i borrowed it and placed it here at the shop. its loud and the sub woofer is bangin. 80% of my shop’s population are emo kids. that’s right. emo straight up. i decided to play around with them with these sweet new set of sound systems so i’ll be playing a couple of classic motown and old school reggaes for the whole day. marvin gaye, toots and the maytals and the burning spear. thats right. track after track after track. know your roots boys. if it wasnt for marvin gaye your father might have married a sheep dog. enjoy!


     my brother celebrated his birthday last monday. i’ll post a short recap. eat, drink, and saw the worst lap dance from a drunk gay. i dont wanna elaborate the story cause i’de rather forget that moment. we all had fun … well … not until that dance. half the night i was trying to puke.


     after a month or two in subic, big bird will be coming home tonight. haha. work sucks isn’t it? i never thought it would be this soon! anyway, its good to have you back man. hmm… suddenly im missing my girlfriend so much. i’ll see her soon.

sale of the nerd

•September 19, 2007 • 1 Comment


     RUSH SALE!!! my friend Cesar the Nerd is selling his PSP for only Php 12,000. the package includes all of its accessories (earphones, usb cables, charger, leather case), 2 UMDs and a snap on camera (all in excellent condition). the psp has a version of 1.52 with a custom firmware of 3.40. not bad eh? interested buyers please contact me asap.

insanely twisted shadow planet

•September 18, 2007 • Leave a Comment


     you might not heard of the name Michael Gagne but im pretty sure you’ve enjoyed some of his works in the incredibles, star wars and the iron giant. this canadian who specializes on shadow puppets is now working on a video game (im still not sure of the platform) insanely twisted shadow planet. it is a challenging game wherein the player controls a ufo through a world of creepy caverns and digitally strange landscapes. the trailer looks fresh but i cant give anymore details for now. guess we still have to sit back and wait. check the trailer here

redraw the war

•September 13, 2007 • 1 Comment


     decided to play with some old stock photos from my pc. just felt like layering stuffs.


– redraw the war –

     also, congratulations to bert. he’s a father as of 1:30 pm today. its a boy! SHUY certified. congrats man.