fingur day

•September 13, 2007 • 5 Comments


     its fatfingur’s birthday! ya’ll be nice to him and send him some nachos or something. happy birthday man! also, stay tuned for his tutorial on how to update your psp’s firmware to 3.52 M33 so check his blog from time to time.


dawn of the fly

•September 10, 2007 • 1 Comment


     i was browsing the net when i stumbled upon this cool new mobile phone game. Dawn of the fly is a Flash Lite Game developed for phones equipped with the Flash Lite 1.1 player. Currently tested for Nokia phones, but will also work on most phones with a Flash Lite player. i have not played the game since im using sony ericsson but i will be downloading it to my PC and will try to install it to one of my friends with a compatible phone.

camille prats on being pregnant

•September 10, 2007 • 4 Comments


     … fuck it.

jucoh against the machines

•September 6, 2007 • Leave a Comment


     i decided to close the shop earlier than the usual yeasterday. me, a couple of hood locals and jucoh (a friend from laguna) decided to play basketball at bert’s place in villa santiago. we played with some of the locals from that place till around 8 in the evening. it was fun. a sudden shift of routine. its been months since i last played basketball and i missed it a lot. i can feel my twelve packs just pumping to get my hands on the ball. the highlight of the game? aside from din-din getting an over reacted cramp, mister skinny jucoh here tried to act as the center guy of the game and he got beaten up real good. haha. elbows thrown from guys as huge as rambo. we were all laughing our asses off. he was funny. we lost two out of three games but hey, we had fun. well, not for jucoh. hehe. my advice, get back to dota.

death proof

•September 6, 2007 • Leave a Comment


     i had no appointments today so i managed to sneak up on torrent and download a movie for my psp.  i downloaded this movie, death proof. road rage action with a kill bill vibe. sweet!

     Quentin Tarantino’s death proof is a film about a woman-watching killer known as Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russel) who executes with his sweet ride. a cat-and-mouse chase at full throttle. the car you see, is only “death proof” for the driver but on the passenger side, its like a torture chamber as the unfortunate McGowan finds out when she accepts a lift home. on the first half of the film you’ll be able to see the best mass murder high speed car wreck of all time. that scene is on my “best” list for sure. its a good slice of gory mayhem. so good it was shown four times and take note, in slow motion. damn! the second group of girls finally get to the meat of their story and start to talk about a game they want to play called “ship’s mast.” what the hell is a ship’s mast?! from this point on, the movie had my attention. it was a great build up, because you don’t know what “ship’s mast” is and they don’t let you in on it until it happens. and it’s intense as hell, filmed extremely well and also very real. thrilling! then stuntman mike took notice of this girls and wanted to get into the action. unluckily for mike, these girls are straight up hardcores. the tables have been turned. mike who was the hunter suddenly turned into the hunted as these girls, beat the living hell out of mike. take that scar face! the ending is hilarious! beleive me. black girls kick serious ass. haha. grab a copy.

hefner almighty

•September 5, 2007 • 2 Comments


     i watched a season of girls next door last night. you know, the reality show about hugh hefner, (founder and editor-in-chief of playboy magazine) and his girlfriends (holly, kendra and bridgette). this old man is lucky. so blessed i just wanna bake him cakes.  i mean, he’s 80 years old, a multi-millionaire and has sexy girls to his diposal. if donald trump got buildings, this old guy right here got the girls and not just ordinary girls, they’re playboy models. geez!  i wonder how he.. you know, do the stunts. i bet this dude’s gonna die either while having sex or drowned by his own bucks or something.  oh, and one more thing, he’s getting married (again) to one of his girlfriends by the end of the year. its that easy!

the simpsons action figure

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     i was a collector of mcfarlane toys during my early years in college. i had some from tortured souls 2 and the infernal parade series. sad to say, i stopped collecting because these figures are too expensive for me so i switched to a 98 pesos hot wheels figures. you see, that’s being practical in a third world country.

     from the creator of spawn, Todd McFarlane recently released a new line of intricately detailed action figures. the Simpsons Series 1, The Simpsons Movie toys (includes sound chips with dialogue taken directly from the film’s soundtrack) and coming this December is the Simpsons Series 2. now this is cute. if you’re a die hard fan of the cartoon series or of todd mcfarlane’s toys, be sure to grab one from the longest-running animated TV show in history.